Portrait Paintings

by Sharon Hudson

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Portrait paintings contemporary portraits of men & women portrait paintings and drawings.

Contemporary portrait paintings.

Contemporary portrait painting (detail)


Portrait painting of young man in oil pastel.

Oil pastel portrait painting

Sweet Youth

ExpressionistExpressive portrait drawing of a young woman..

Expressionist portraits

Stephanie in Summer

Portrait paintings contemporary portraits of women & men in drawing, painting, pastel, and collage.

My Portrait Paintings and Drawings

I have been drawing and painting portraits and figures for over 30 years, and my body of art now includes a huge variety of contemporary fine art portraits of women and men.  My portraits always begin with live models. Whether attracted by color, form, movement, or expression, for my portraits I like to use media that are swift and sensual, and work quickly to capture the model.  This may complete the work, or I may transform the portrait into a complex painting or collage. My portraits include portrait paintings in oil and acrylic paint; portrait drawings in colored pencil, pastel, graphite, and charcoal; colorful abstract portrait paintings with bold line and color; and playful portraits embedded in collages of decorative patterns. The inspiration for my portraits and other figure fine art comes from realists like Michelangelo, as well as from masters of sensuality like Gauguin, Klimt, Matisse, Degas, and Van Gogh. 

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