by Sharon Hudson

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Korean temple decoration.

Korean temple decoration:

Fan of Sangwonsa

Korean temple decoration.

Korean temple decoration:

Dragon Pillar

Korean temple decoration.

Korean temple decoration:

Bright Beams

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Korean Temple Decoration

Korean temple decoration is brilliantly colorful, amazingly intricate, and a natural subject for photography. Korean temple decorations abound with Buddhist symbolism, complex abstract detail, and colorful paintings and sculptures of exotic animals and guardian figures. My temple photographs are from Sangwonsa and Woljeongsa, both in Odaesan (park), Beopjusa in Sogrisan (park), and Beomeosa. All are in South Korea.

I also take photographs of everyday images and decorative architecture in the other foreign countries I have visited in addition to Korea: Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and much of Africa. I search for an intriguing use of depth in my photography, but not the traditional illusion of real space.  In this pursuit I have also manipulated the Korean temple decoration imagery to create unique photographs of surreal spaces, which can be seen in my Strange Spaces exhibit.  

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