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Abstract art painting and collage.


Abstract art: Paint and collage

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Abstract art.

Jazz Time

Abstract art: Oil paint over plastic

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Abstract art: Impregnated plaster and oil paint

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Abstract art painting and sculpture colorful non-objective art contemporary abstract art collage abstract relief art.

My Abstract Art

My abstract (or non-objective) art begins with my love of color, texture, pattern, and ambiguous space, which have characterized my art since childhood.  In time, my study of Japanese textiles and my photography, in which I use multiple exposures and superimposed images like shadows and reflections, led me to overlay and mix patterns in my art as well.  I do this in both my figurative and my abstract art. To build up layers, I use collage with painting and other media.  To achieve movement in time as well as space, I often use metallics to make the art change with the position of the viewer or lighting.  Viewing these works is a kind of visual meditation. The more you look, the more you see.

Among my abstract collages is a unique style of non-objective art that I call PATTERN ABSTRACTS.  These are allover patterns, overlaid atop one another, built up of layers of textures and decorative pieces in a quilt-like manner.  The artistic challenge in this work is integrating diverse elements to create order and harmony within complexity.  The goal is the same as for all good art, to reveal the play of the relative on the ground of the absolute.

Much modern art aims to shock, but my art aims to provide sensual pleasure and psychic balance in our fragmented modern world.  Suitable for home, office, or public spaces, both my figurative and my abstract art have a frankly decorative intent: to bring beauty and pleasure into everyday life.

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