by Sharon Hudson

Colorful collages: figures, abstracts, still lifes

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Colorful collages abstract collages colorful figure collages colourful still life collage.

Colorful collage art.

Colorful collages:

Moka Spring

Contemporary colorful collages.

Abstract collages:

Ikebana II

Collage art colourful.

Colorful collage figures:


Colourful collages contemporary collage colorful figure collages abstract colorful collages.

My Colorful Collage Art

My colorful collages are characterized by a lush abundance of color and texture. These intricate and sensuous collages have multiple artistic roots, including mosaics, stained glass, Japanese ukiyo-e prints and textiles, modern western quilts, my own sewing background, and my work with textures and multiple exposures in photography.  All of these influences mix and overlay patterns, as I do in my collages.

My figure collages often combine decorative patterns with the human figure or other objects drawn or painted in traditional artists' media.  Many of my figure collages are quick and spontaneous, but often I work them into complex and sophisticated visual compositions, with overlaid elements providing spatial illusions. 

Although collage plays a large role in most of my abstract and figure art, some of my most unusual collages are my colorful non-objective pattern collages, which create dynamic and sensuous worlds of ambiguous depth.  These collages are built up of layers of textures and decorative pieces in a quilt-like manner. Although their color may initially attract attention, these collages become ever more interesting the longer one looks at them.

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Contemporary colorful collage. Sensual colorful figure collages. Colorful non-objective collages. Playful collage figures.

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