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About my sensual and erotic figure art

The erotic art nude is a very common motif in figure art.  I respond to the sensual and erotic aspects of each figure, and often the erotic element arises as much from the mood and attitude of the figure as from the body.  Because I want people to be able to comfortably display my art in their homes, I like to remain within the bounds of acceptability. 

I have drawn from the human figure consistently since college, in graphite, charcoal, painting, pastel, and collage, creating a huge body of figure and portrait works.  My nude figures always begin with live models. Whether attracted by color and form, movement, or expression, I work quickly to portray my immediate impression of the model.  I begin with media that are swift and sensual, choosing the slippery surface of paper over the resistance of canvas.  This spontaneous portrayal may complete the artwork, or I may work the subject into a complex, often playful, composition, activating the surface with pattern and collage.  My figures are characterized by a bold sensuality and direct gaze.

Artistic inspiration for my figure drawings and paintings comes from powerful Renaissance realists like Michaelangelo, and modern masters of sensuality like Gauguin, Klimt, Matisse, and Degas.  Today as ever, the erotic art nude retains its universal and timeless appeal.

Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, northern California artist