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Occasional, greetings, holiday, invitation, thank you

ecards photography fine art

Stop the World: I Wanna Get Off

ecards photography cute cat

Rough Day

ecard photography smiley face


ecards photography thank you


ecards photography balloons


ecard photography friendship and party

Parrot Party

ecards photography happy party

Urban Flamingos

ecards photography happy sun face

Blue Sun

ecard photography celebration

Free at Last?

ecards photography surreal

Animal House

ecards photography day of the dead or halloween

Speak of the Dead

ecard photography halloween and scary

Welcoming Committee

ecards photography halloween and horror

The Green Scream

ecards photography Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner

Family Feast

Flowers, florals, bouquets

ecard photography flower

Yellow Rose

ecards photography abstract floral

Flower Altar

ecards photography white yellow flowers
Easter Cactus
ecard photography red flowers


ecards photography magnolia flowers

Magnolia Buds

ecards photography colorful bouquet

Fractured Vase

ecard photography abstract floral

Puzzle Bouquet

ecards photography fine art


ecards photography white yellow flowers

Easter Cactus

ecard photography colorful flowers

Paper Flowers

Friendship, love, romance, relationships, missing you

ecards photography missing you


ecards photography surreal

Pretty Woman

ecard photography intimate friendship Hindu

Prambanan Couple

ecards photography valentine's day romantic

Public Display of Affection

ecards photography beautiful hearts


ecard photography romantic hearts

Veiled Heart

ecards photography relationship

Iron Heart

ecards photography lonely heart

Lonely Heart

ecard photography abstract colorful romantic

Heart Afloat

ecards photography surreal lonely woman

Leaving Winter Behind

ecards photography separation

Lace and Beads

ecard photography good bye

Goodbye, My Love

ecards photography separation

Mixed Messages

ecards photography bondage and discipline humorous

B & Daisies

ecard photography erotic


Images for unique messages

ecards photography colorful surreal


ecards photography graffiti woman

Big Hair

ecard photography home and travel

Ready to Go

ecards photography surreal nature

Pink Bird, Yellow Moon

ecards photography surreal venus underwater

Aqua Venus

ecard photography aged Greek sculpture

Atlas Shrugged

ecards photography surreal road trip

Let's Go See America

ecards photography surreal women

Flower Goddess

ecard photography surreal women

Cool Chicks

ecards photography cheerful


ecards photography grotesque mask

Redwood Jim

ecard photography surreal flower

Morning Glory

ecards photography striking man face

Man in My Garden

ecards photography fleeting beauty

A Matter of Time

ecard photography horse with seashells

Sea Horse


ecards photography Christ resurrection

Resurrection at Dawn

ecards photography Christian ecards baby Jesus

Christ Child

ecard photography Christian ecards stained glass cherub


ecards photography Christian ecards Visitation

The Visitation

ecards photography Christian ecards cross

Cross with Cones

ecard photography Christian ecards eternity


ecards photography CHristian ecards statue of Virgin Mary

White Virgin

ecards photography Christian ecards green cross

Green Cross

ecard photography Hindu ecards Shiva


ecards photography Hindu ecards Ganesha


Muses, music, musings, meditative, reflective

ecards photography fine art

Arched Window

ecard photography surreal music

Heavenly Muse

ecards photography colorful music

Trill I

ecards photography musical


ecard photography colorful musical

Trill II

ecards photography abstract reflection

Walking Reflections

ecards photography gentle mood

Decorative Wall

ecard photography nostalgia theme

Old Lace

ecards dreamy mood

Teen Dream

ecards photography colorful abstract

Bead Curtain

ecard photography abstract

Variations on a Screen

ecards photography colorful abstract

Red Eaves

ecards photography colorful abstract

Deep Blue

ecard photography surreal

Beam Me Up III

ecards photography surreal

Beam Me Up V

Urban mood, urban art

ecards photography surreal urban


ecard photography angry urban

Urban Blues

ecards photography urban

Fence Mural

ecards photography urban collage woman

Urban Diva

ecard photography abstract


ecards photography urban mood

Look Out

ecards photography abstract

Blue Gate

ecard photography surreal

Sea Level Rising

ecards photography fine art

Glass Slippers

ecards photography colorful urban

Gumballs Behind Bars

ecard photography abstract art

Thunder Storm

ecards photography abstract art

Mosaic Wall

ecards photography abstract art

Accidental Pollock

ecard photography abstract urban

Art in the City

ecards photography abstract art

White Rain

ecards photography abstract art

Paint Your Mountain

ecard photography colorful abstract

Corrugated Vase

ecards photography abstract

Torn Paper

ecards photography colorful urban

Colorful Door

ecard photography abstract

Watts Towers Mosaic

Nature, landscape, outdoor activities

ecards photography lake sunrise nature

Rainy Lake Sunrise

ecards photography fishing

Old School

ecard photography sunset nature

Lake Sunset

ecards photography kayaking


ecards photography lake sunset nature

Lake Country Sunset

ecard photography beach vacation

Indonesian Beach

ecards photography nature

Oregon Beach

ecards photography nature photography


ecard photography nature

River Rock

ecards photography nature

Pinnacles Sunset

ecards photography Yosemite nature

Half Dome

ecard photography surreal nature

Autumn Sky

ecards photography Denali mountain


ecards photography surreal nature

Willow Tree I

ecard photography pink magnolia nature


ecards photography surreal

Yellow Moons

ecards photography surreal photography

Fleeting Forest

ecard photography surreal photography

Red Mountain

ecards photography surreal

Winter Weeping

ecards photography nature

Willow Tree


ecard photography carousel horses

White Horses

ecards photography carousel horses

Flying Pintos

ecards photography carousels

Running Horse

ecard photography carousel horse

Pier Pair

ecards photography carousel

Shadow Pony

ecards photography carousel horses

Almost A Team

ecards ecard photography fantasy carousel

Off the Carousel

ecards ecards photography carousel horses e-card


Photography ecards free e-cards contemporary photography e-cards unique ecards.

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About my photography

I have been doing photography since I was twenty. My artistic interests are, as usual, a direct gaze, strong compositions, and sensuality obtained through color, pattern, and texture. I rarely "set up" photographs; instead I use the existing physical environment for my subject matter, searching out the unintentional "art" in the nooks and crannies of the city. My earlier urban photographs were simple color abstractions, while my later ones rely more on textures and ambiguous spaces. Although I have lived for decades in the San Francisco Bay area, my photography reflects my travels of the past three decades in both subject and form.

In the early 1990s I sought a more intriguing use of depth in my photographs. So I began to photograph naturally occurring overlaid images, such as window reflections, shadows, and objects behind fences. Soon I decided to create composite images myself. Because this was before digital photography became widespread, I created in-camera multiple exposures using color slide film. I welcomed the serendipity of these photographs. Many of these images include window display mannequins, and expand on my painting theme of figures with patterns. Others create a surreal effect through the combination of serendipitous images, and the otherworldly color created by the double exposures.

Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, northern California artist