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My Art

My art begins with my love of the physical world, especially the human figure and everyday objects. The tangible object provides a foil for unexpected twists of dimension, design, and allusion. But objects are only temporary configurations of matter and energy into recognizable forms. There is energy and space in "solid" form, and energy and matter in "empty" space. In my work I like to represent both the seen form and the unseen activity around or within it--a moment of visual balance between figure and ground, stability and motion, composure and excitement.

I have also worked from the human figure consistently since college, in drawing, painting, pastel, and collage, creating a huge body of figure and portrait works. Whether attracted by color and form, movement, or expression, I work quickly to portray my immediate impression of the subject. This spontaneous portrayal may complete the artwork, or I may work the subject into a complex, often playful, composition, activating the surface with pattern and collage. My figures are characterized by a bold sensuality and direct gaze.

Working with multiple exposures in my photography, as well as the study of Japanese textiles, led me to explore overlaying and mixing patterns in my art. This led me to expand the use of collage from my figurative art to create a unique kind of nonobjective art based on pattern, symmetry, and depth, or movement through the picture plane. This decorative yet philosophical nonobjective art aims to find order and harmony amidst complexity, to manifest "the play of the relative on the ground of the absolute." Deep viewing of these works is a spatial and spiritual meditation.

Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, northern California artist