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              If you have questions about buying a work of art or any other product, please email me. Generally I communicate with people by phone in addition to email, so if you include your phone number, I can contact you, or I can send you my phone number so you can contact me. If you wish to stick to email only, that's okay too, although it is much less efficient.

               If you have questions about my art, work process, or philosophy, I am happy to answer them, but please be sure your question is not answered in the FAQs, Artist's Statement, or Biography before you e-mail me your question.

              I provide lots of valuable framing information as a service, but I do not have time to answer framing questions unless they relate to work on my site that you are considering buying, or unless you are a San Francisco Bay Area resident who may wish to use my custom framing services.

              If you wish to use my web images, in general I don't object to others making non-commercial use of my online images, but please provide credit and a link to my website.

               About the website, I appreciate any feedback on problems because that is the best way of knowing that something isn't working properly.


Sharon Hudson


Updated 2022