Playful decorative figure. Still life oil painting. Expressionistic clothed figure drawing. Realistic figures charcoal drawing. Contemporary abstract photography.
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Artist's Biography:
California contemporary artist Sharon Hudson

fine artist Sharon Hudson

I am a San Francisco Bay area visual artist, currently living in Oakland, California.  My art includes both figurative and abstract painting and other flat media, stone and relief sculpture, and photography emphasizing pattern and design.  Three kinds of subjects interest me most: the wonderfully plastic and expressive human figure, the palpable forms of household objects, and the dynamic interplay of pattern.  My art boldly celebrates the tangible world and the sensuality of the artist's media.  I hope to provide a refuge of wholeness and sensuality, countering the dis-integration and intellectualism of modern Western life.  (See ARTIST'S STATEMENT.)

I was born in Iowa and lived there until I was eleven, when my family moved to California; thus my life and my art combine the solidity of the Midwest with the vitality of the West coast.  My interest in art began in early childhood; later I studied fine art at the University of California at Berkeley, receiving degrees in visual art and psychology in 1974.  Since then I have made my home in the San Francisco Bay area, where my art and photography have been published and exhibited since my first northern California solo exhibit in 1981.  (See RESUMÉ.)

A lifetime of travel has provided subjects for my photography and enriched my painting with ideas, patterns, colors, and content.  My travel experiences include many camping trips across North America and two to Alaska;  five months camping across Africa;  nine months teaching, studying, and traveling in Japan;  six months traveling in East Asia;  and several long trips through Mexico and Guatemala.   I always travel inexpensively, mingling with the local cultures.  My travels have led me to respect the "small" but universal job of art -- to bring pleasure to daily life. 


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Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, northern California