NUDES: Contemporary Paintings

by Sharon Hudson

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Nudes paintings contemporary fine art nude women paintings male female nude figure paintings.
Contemporary fine art nudes.

Nude figure fine art:


Nudes figure drawings.

Nude figure paintings:


Contemporary nude figure paintings.

Contemporary nude paintings:

Merav with Patterns

Nudes contemporary fine art nudes male female paintings women fine art figure paintings.

My Contemporary Nude Paintings

The art nude is one of the oldest subjects in painting, sculpture, and other fine art.  My own figure paintings always begin with live female or male models.  I search for the sensual aspect of the figure, which tends to be vigorous lines for men and sensuous shapes for women.  Whether attracted by color, form, movement, or expression, I begin with art media that are swift and sensual, and work quickly to capture the figure.  This spontaneous drawing may complete the art, or I may work the figure, whether nude or clothed, into a complex composition in painting and collage, often playful, energized with patterns that surround, overlap, and complement the figure. 

My fine art nudes and clothed figures in drawing and painting range from expressionistic and realistic to abstract and decorative, but they all reflect a sensuality and frank enjoyment of the nude body, male or female, which viewers find both charming and disarming.  The artistic inspiration for my figurative fine art comes from powerful Renaissance realists like Michaelangelo, and modern masters of sensuality like Gauguin, Klimt, Matisse, and Degas.  Today as ever, nude figure paintings retain their universal and timeless appeal.

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This online  contemporary visual art gallery  includes bold, sensual, intriguing fine art in painting, drawing, pastel, collage, and mixed media.  See  realistic and expressionistic figure drawingsabstract and decorative figure paintingsplayful figuresportraits of menportraits of womenstill lifesabstract artdecorative non-objective artreliefs and sculpture, and other  sensual contemporary art.  San Francisco Bay Area artist Sharon Hudson, Berkeley and Oakland, California.


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