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Find sensual and erotic e-cards based on contemporary fine art, with nude female and male figures, at www.sharonhudson.com.  These convenient ecards display a sensuous approach to nude and clothed human figures. These erotic, sensual, and beautiful e-cards are the work of San Francisco area artist Sharon Hudson, who specializes in fine art figure drawing and other kinds of art in painting, pastel, collage, and other media.

Sensual erotic e-cards erotic ecard fine-art ecards contemporary erotic sensual e-cards.

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Sensual and erotic ecards.
Erotic and sensual ecards.
Sensual and erotic e-cards.
Erotic and sensual e-cards.

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Sensuous contemporary nude ecards.
Playful female nude ecards.
Erotic female nude e-cards.
Sensual nude figures e-cards.
Contemporary sensual fine art e-cards.
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Erotic nude women e-cards.
Sensual e-cards of naked women.
Sensual e-cards of naked women.
Nude women e-cards.
Sensual fine art e-cards.
Playful women nudes ecards.
Sensual nude men ecards.
Sensual fine art nudes ecards.
Erotic fine art e-cards.

About my sensual and erotic fine art

The erotic art nude is one of the most ancient subjects in figure art.  My own nude figures always begin with live female or male models.  I search for the sensual aspect of the male or female figure, which tends to be sensuous lines for men and sensuous shapes for women.  Then I hint at what is erotic about the individual figure or pose while remaining within the bounds of acceptability, because I want people to be able to display my art in their homes without concern.  The inspiration for my figure drawings and paintings comes from powerful Renaissance realists like Michaelangelo, and modern masters of sensuality like Gauguin, Klimt, Matisse, and Degas.  Today as ever, the erotic art nude retains its universal and timeless appeal.

Sensual erotic e-cards erotic ecard fine-art ecards contemporary erotic sensual e-cards.

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